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Not quite sure how to put on our pieces?

Here's some quick & easy tutorials to help you master your SANS TROU pieces in no time!


  1.   Use one hand to hold the earring and the other to widen the plastic clip. This can be done by gently pulling on the sphere-like end, taking care not to over-stretch the clip

  2.   Clip the earring on to the thinnest section of your lobe 

  3.   Slide it down to your desired position 

  4.   Check that the earring is secure - the clip should be fully hugging the lobe

  5.   Stack & style with our other clip-on earrings or ear cuffs 

PLEASE NOTE: Our clips are fragile and should be handled with love & care! 



  1.   Gently widen the ear cuff by pulling on each end 
NOTE: some styles may be more rigid than others 

  2.   Slide the ear cuff on to the thinnest section of your cartilage 

  3.   Tighten and secure the cuff by applying steady and firm pressure when squeezing it

  4.   Slide it up or down to your desired position 

  5.   Layer with our other ear cuffs or style with our clip-on earrings 

Most of our ear cuffs are made of sterling silver, a hypoallergenic and flexible metal. This allows them to be flexible and adjustable to fit most ear shapes & sizes.